Monday, January 01, 2018

11th Annual Canadian Book Challenge: January Roundup

1. Click on the icon above
2. Add a link to your review. (Please link to your specific review, not an entire webpage.)
3. Add your name and in parentheses the title of the book, such as Melwyk (Anne of Green Gables)
4. In the comment section below, tell me your grand total so far. (ex. "This brings me up to 1/13")
5. In the comment section below, note whether you've read a book which meets the monthly challenge set via email for participants.


  1. I hope to read more Canadian authors this year - Robertson Davies is in my sights!!


    1. That should be interesting -- one of the trilogies?

  2. I'm having trouble with the linky. could you check it and let me know as it could be my computer. Thanks

    1. Hi Heather, it seems to be working from what I can see on this end. Maybe another browser would work?

  3. With Whalebone Island, I'm up to 26 complete.

    1. You've just hit double 13 - auspicious! :)

    2. I'm reading one a week. :)

  4. The Wolves of Winter brings me to 8/13.

  5. Just finished #27 ... "Dogs and Underdogs: Finding Happiness at Both Ends of the Leash" by Elizabeth Abbott

  6. 9/13 The Inevitable Victorian Thing by E K Johnson
    10/13 The Purchase by Linda Spalding
    11/13 Arrow by R J Anderson
    12/13 Kat & Meg Conquer the World by Anna Priemaza

  7. With Black Hammer volume 2, I'm up to 27 books.

  8. Book 6/13. I need to step up the pace!

  9. Hi,
    Book 12/13. Here is my list of books read so far.....
    1. The Runaway Midwife - Patricia Haman
    2. Chris Hadfield - inspiring new generations - Diane Dakers
    3. Exit, Pursued by a Bear - E. K. Johnston
    4. The Bachelor Girl's Guide to Murder - Rachel McMillan
    5. A Lesson in Love and Murder - Rachel Mcmillan
    6. The White Feather Murder - Rachel Mcmillan
    7. Those Girls - Chevy Stevens
    8. The Boundless - Kenneth Oppel
    9. The Madman of Piney Woods - Christoper Paul Curtis
    10. Birdseye : the adventures of a curious man - Mark Kurlansky
    11. Blink and Caution - Tim Wynne-Jones
    12. Break and Enter - Norah McClintock

  10. 5/13 comics; NT, YK, NU, ON, MB, BC, and NL off my provinces/territories 13 (15 in total)


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